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(Under the aegis of DPS Society, East of Kailash, New Delhi)

Primary Wing

Primary Block: Preparatory Stage

At the Primary level (Age group 6 to 11 years) students have a memorable childhood filled with fun and games and the thrill of learning new things each day. DPS Modinagar celebrates the uniqueness of the child. Every student is nurtured to realize his/her potential and develop skills in order to prepare him/her for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of adult life. The focus remains on encouraging intellectual curiosity, analytical thinking, independent and creative learning, and learning by doing, just to name a few. The curriculum reflects the many dimensions of human experience, activity, and expression, and is directed toward the development of the full potential of every child.


Art Room


Music Room


Dance Room

DPS Modinagar's primary wing nurtures a vibrant atmosphere of enthusiastic learning through diverse activities. We make students thrive in hands on activities like interviews, field trips, debates, interactive puzzles, colourful blocks, dramas, presentations, experiments, board games, storytelling, art and craft activities, experiments and clay activities etc. We transform imagination into tangible art to exhilarating field trips where textbooks turn into real-life experiences. We create an exciting competition and ignite curiosity. We engage our students in cultural activities like music, dance, and cuisine to promote understanding and appreciation of different cultures. DPS Modinagar's primary wing is where education is an adventure filled with creativity, exploration, and fun.