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Middle Wing

Middle Block: Middle Stage

Middle School (Age Group 12 to 14 years) is one of the most important phases of school life, primarily on account of the fact that it witnesses a child’s journey through the teenage years, a time that plays a vital role in sculpting an adult. Beliefs are formed in these years and those are the beliefs that one carries in one’s adult years. Through quality educational experiences, we ensure that students grow up into productive and responsible citizens of an ever-changing global society.


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Library Room

Our middle wing(Age Group 12 to 14 years)is committed to nurture well-rounded individuals who demonstrate academic excellence, social responsibility, and possess the necessary skills and values to succeed in an ever-changing society. Through our unwavering dedication in providing excellent education, we cultivate an environment where students can strive to achieve their full potential and emerge as leaders. Our primary focus is on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity in students to ensure they are adequately prepared for their future endeavours. We place great emphasis on the significance of extracurricular activities by offering a wide array of options, including various sports, arts, music, dance, and clubs. We provide them with the freedom to explore and pursue their individual passions. We actively promote cultural exchange programmes, foster international collaborations (Blue Planet Environmental Solutions) and provide opportunities for exposure to diverse perspectives. Recognizing the paramount importance of technology in the 21st century, we have adorned our classrooms with Interactive Flat Panels to enrich the learning process and promote digital literacy. Our students also have the chance to explore in Artificial Intelligence (AI) classes. Through our various community services and outreach programs, they acquire a profound understanding of the value of social responsibility and cultivate empathy. We also facilitate students with Personality Development classes. We strongly believe in fostering partnerships between parents, teachers, and students to make their child flourish.