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(Under the aegis of DPS Society, East of Kailash, New Delhi)

Co-Curricular Activities


Co-Curricular Activities

We transcend the boundaries of traditional education through co-curricular activities.  We are a dynamic community that celebrates diversity and cherishes creativity. Through our comprehensive array of co-curricular activities encompassing cultural events, celebrations, dance, theatre, music, and art, we  nurture academic excellence and mold well-rounded individuals.Whether it's the rhythmic beats of dance performances, the melodious tunes of our group songs, or the spellbinding acts on the theater stage, our students have a platform to showcase their artistic prowess. To nurture talent and passion, we have allocated special periods dedicated to dance, music, and theatre. During these periods, students receive focused training, allowing them to hone their skills and reach new heights in their chosen art form. These activities instill values, promote cultural sensitivity, and provide a platform for self-expression, fosters personal growth and community building.